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And I think we all feel Perfectly Safe that RoboBushCheney
They Shiney

Have DEFEATED the evil Princess Sparkle Pony and her Underlings.

In case you draft dodging wimp liberal soft on InterGalaxtic Kommunism made you forget, go back and re-remember it all again
The most intense arguments over U.S. involvement in Iraq do not flare at this point on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail. Those rhetorical battles pale in comparison to the high-stakes struggle being waged behind closed doors at the Pentagon.

On one side are the "fight-win guys," as some describe themselves. They are led by Gen. David Petraeus and other commanders who argue that the counterinsurgency struggle in Iraq must be pursued as the military's top priority and ultimately resolved on U.S. terms.
Fallon was squeezed out as overall commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan not because of differences with Defense Secretary Robert Gates over attacking Iran or because of his advocacy of full-spectrum conventional warfare. Fallon's rigid, overbearing style and a refusal to listen to others gradually cost him Gates's confidence, according to military and civilian officials who worked with Fallon.

On his first trip to Iraq as Centcom head, Fallon insisted on lecturing Marine officers about what was going on in their area of responsibility rather than considering their views, according to contemporaneous accounts from military sources present at the briefing. U.S. officials here tell similar stories of Fallon's dismissive attitude toward CIA and other briefers.
Would Iran welcome a newly elected President Obama with a nuclear enrichment freeze or -- more likely -- by testing him by moving identifiable Iranian militia units into Basra province on a large scale, as some Persian Gulf Arab states may fear? Or if it is President McCain, will the ayatollahs show something like the Reagan reflex? After all, they greeted the election of a conservative hard-liner in 1980 by releasing U.S. hostages.

[ cf War at the Pentagon ]

What if all the smoke and mirrors about Iran and iVenezuela are not the really interesting players? Given the fact that it is iIndia and iChina who's growing demand for Oil have driven up the cost?

What if the really scary thot is that it is time for americans to rethink the Hubris of their Military "Might" in these economic tough times as more nations around the globe want to decouple the american dollar from the sale of oil???

Or is the really IMPORTANT war winning idea to finally win against all of the competitors for OUR OIL, and OUR WAY OF LIFE....

I mean, it is not like the american people oppose pre-emptive wars for Real, and/or Imaginary Reasons, any more than they oppose the torturing of people, real or imaginary.
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