drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What IF the answer is more than put on your Jimmy Carter Sweater???

HUM??? One may have to pause and wonder:
While drivers are facing sticker shock at the pump these days, here is a bigger shock: high prices are putting a strain on oil refiners.

After last year’s stellar profits, American refiners are going through a traumatic period. In a time of record gasoline prices, some of them actually lost money in the first quarter, and for virtually all refiners, profits are down sharply.

Experts say the refiners are caught in a double bind. The price of their raw material, oil, is rising because of strong global demand. At the same time, consumption of gasoline in the United States is falling as a result of slower economic growth and consumer efforts to conserve.

[ cf Oil Refiners See Profits Sink as Consumption Falls ]
Would this be a bad time to talk about the detachment of the American Dollar from Oil, and the Godless Heathen who want to price Oil in a currancy other than the God Fearing White Christian All American Dollar???

Or that other part of that little fiasco - the fact that the number one trade product was that Financialized Skank coming out of the New And Improved And Totally Deregulated Financial Sector, that, OOOPSIE, the Fed's had to bail out, because, well, otherwise, the free market economics would have meant that those left holding the bag would have found FUGGLY in there.

Ok, so of the 10 prior collapses of the housing bubbles, only 8 of them lead to recessions, the other two, were
  • The Korean Era Glorious Police Action - in which the DOD lead the Way with classical keynsianesque economic models of Pumping Up The Demand!!!
  • The Southeast Asian Weapons Testing Times - you know, when all the cool kids REALLY wanted to fight, but were in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, and making ends meet on the DOD Leads The Way Economic Marvels, right up to that dislocation when Trickey Dick took out out of Breton Woods....
So yes, this could be a DOWN TIME....

But let's quickly revisit the Happy Thot! We put The Job Of National Soverign Wealth Fund Protector back in the hands of the True Defenders of Solid Old School Economics, The War WinningEst Department Of Defends And Asset Protection, where it is all so clear that things are simple, and we just keep on bombing for profitability!!!

Now do not get me wrong!!! I have nothing against a Private Sector Market, but as we have seen, they civilians are NOT the people who should be running that Private Sector, as they lack the Military Discipline For TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION!!!

Besides EVERYONE loves the Americans when we bomb them to the peace table!!!

Ok, so Bombing India And China, is not the same as Bombing Indo-China, but then again, this time around the President is NOT facing the Growing Threat Of Barbarella!!! And we Must Bomb Farther And Wider For Peace And Prosperity!!!

Think Happy RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything else is stabbing our troops in the back with unamericanism!
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