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The RINO Rave Ramps Up The Storm

Hey Kids, did you know that John McCain has always been one of the Evil Left Wing Eco-Terrorists?
Senator John McCain has confirmed his dedication to the holy crusade against global warming, now known to the initiates as climate change. He's told the world that nobody is more determined than he to take steps to stop Mother Nature's alleged plan to deep fry the planet.
...cCain Freaks Out
Nor should it surprise anyone who understands that his closest pal in the Senate is his colleague and advisor Joe Lieberman, co-author of the Lieberman/Warner "America's Climate Security Act of 2007" (S.2191), a dandy little piece of legislation that would devastate our economy and reduce the average American to a state of beggary.

According to "The Economic Costs of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Legislation" by Heritage Foundation scholars William Beach, David Kreutzer, Ben Lieberman and Nick Loris, S.2191 "promises extraordinary perils for the American economy. Arbitrary restrictions predicated on multiple, untested, and undeveloped technologies will lead to severe restrictions on energy use and large increases in energy costs. In addition to the direct impact on consumers' budgets, these higher energy costs will spread through the economy and inject unnecessary inefficiencies at virtually every stage of production and consumption--all of which will add yet more financial burdens that must be borne by American taxpayers."

[ cf McCain Freaks Out ]
Why won't McCain support the President To Support The Troops?

Clearly if these RINO's were willing to back RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Then this whole problem of Peak Oil and Climate Change could be addressed in a series of patriotic first strikes against real or imaginary enemies abroad!!! By reducing the Populations of India and China we would reduce the leading source of demand side pull on Oil, as well as reduce the number of Ugly Unamerican Carbon Sources that just need to be cleared out so that americans can safely go back to consuming 50% of the planet's resources.

Then as the survivors come out of the side effects of being re-introduced into a new Global Economic Order, under the protection of American Soveign Wealth Fun Security Forces, they will feel so much better about being a part of the survivors who will have the pick of all of the high paying jobs cleaning up the refuse left by the unbelievers who were not as luck as to have Accepted The Divinity Of Dubya, and asked him to be their Personal Lord And Savior!!!

And the UnNuked Nations will understand the IMPORTANCE of supporting a Free-er Market for America than has ever been Freed Upon Them Before!!!

So Why NOT stop whining about little Prius Issues and come on in for the BIG WIN!!!

Think how happy everyone will be!!! Knowing they WILL BE HAPPY!!! Or they will be Liberated From Their Unbelief!!!
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