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Princess Sparkle Pony Tramples On A Free America!!!

It is JUST shocking what the Radical Left Wing Is doing, the subject line:New Store Items: Eco Friendly Clothes and it is ALLEDGELY coming from Red Left Wing Radical Terrorist CliquIst: Rick Davis Campaign Managerecampaign@gop.com. SHOCKING!!! and the content:
This week our campaign is promoting John McCain's long-term commitment to providing market-based solutions to climate change and highlighting ways we can all protect our environment. We're also taking this week to launch a new section of our store - complete with eco-friendly items.

In our new store section, we're proud to offer eco-friendly t-shirts and polo shirts made from biodegradable fabric, as well as organic cotton hats and shopping bags. You can also buy travel mugs and notebooks made from recycled materials. Please show your support for John McCain by purchasing these items (or any other store item) by following this link.

( from email )
Talk About Stabbing Our Troops In The Back!!!

Where is the Faith in Nuclear Merchantilism!!!

How the Glorious Campaign of Limiting The Growth Of Demand has helped offset the waste of oil in such countries as Iraq, and now it is Fashionable In Lebanon to call upon Hesballah to help clear the streets of those frivilous users of cars!!!

I mean clearly if only the Current Administration were not beseiged by the Klintonesta's in their Midst they would be able to move on to Liberating Iran, iAfghanistan, iNorthKorea, iMongolia, and Protecting iChina by Occupying iManchuria, on the iManchurian Candidacy For Clarification Programme.

BUT will these Radical Left Wing EcoTerrorists do their Part to support the President To Support The Troops in a time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn...

I doubt it!!!

Because they have not accepted Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior!!!

They are not willing to Turn To RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because these defeatist stab our troops in the back types are just plain UnAmerican!!!
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