drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Come See The RINO Rave....

Ah Yes, there is clearly some stomping at the Old Rino Rave Tonight. The Email had the love loss subject line:Is Bob Barr A Threat to John McCain 05-13-08 and we get the best of the World News:
Former Republican Rep. Robert Barr of Georgia said he would seek the Libertarian Party nomination for president. He’s expected to win the party’s backing at the Libertarian convention in Denver later this month. Barr said he was entering the race to push cutting federal spending and limiting military engagement abroad. Some analysts said Barr, who left the Republican Party two years ago, could pose a challenge to GOP presidential candidate John McCain. Barr said that McCain supporters had asked him not to run, but that in his opinion, “American voters deserve better than simply the lesser of two evils.” (Los Angeles Times, free registration)
Barr is “fired up” and ready to “exploit McCain’s troubled relations with conservatives,” but we won’t know until the election if the conservatives will bite.

[ cf What Barr's presidential bid means for McCain ]
So Remember Kiddies....

When it comes to stabbing our troops in the back....

You do not have to vote Democrat!!!

You can Join The Rino Rave!!!

Are You DOING YOUR PART to stab our troops in the back???

Or are you going to support the president to support the troops?

Remember, RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything Less and THE EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony and Her Minnions From Skeletor Temp Services, will come and Bring Evil, at discount prices, to YOU and Yours!!
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