drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They Oopsied WHAT?

House Republicans rejected a call on Thursday for an inquiry into the enactment of a major spending-cut bill that Democrats say is invalid, as a simmering partisan feud over Congressional procedure boiled over.
"This could be a small clerical error which they have turned into a huge constitutional issue because they don't want to level with the American people," Ms. Pelosi said.

[ cf AmPravda ]
Ok so there IS a Dick Factor in this One Too.

Hum... it seems that the Deficit Reduction Bill that got signed into law, you the one that Dick had to cast the tie breaker on, is not well, uh, resolved, between the version that the house and senate passed, and yet, well, gosh, in the Rush, The President Accidentally Signed It Into Law...

Hum... What happened to the old days, you know, when American Politicians merely had to execute on american law, and, well, didn't have to keep finding excuses for why complying with the law, was, well too hard.

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