drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

IronMan, the Movie....

Snap Review: See IT, or you will need to explain to the Department of Homeland Security Why YOU hate UBU!!!

If you do not know how to CORRECTLY answer,
Who Is Nick Fury?
Do NOT pass Go, do not collect $200 Dollars. Go back and see the Movie, AGAIN!!!

Now basically I agree with everyone that this is a great step forward in the film industry, where we are trying to get a bit more for our buck than merely great pretty boy computer grafix filler.

But what worries me are the socio-cultural contextual Majik.

Hey kids, why is it that this film is about the Jericho Missile created by Stark Industry, that get's it's Field Demonstration blowing up a mountain in Afghanistan... HUM????

I mean, what, Stark really needs to fly into some god forsaken plot device driven comical sub text here??? I mean why not have them do the demonstration of the Jericho Missile, well, blowing down the city of Basra, or Baghdad, or some other place, where one goeth fortheth and tootelth thine Honeth, and the walls go down, and all of the inhabitants are SLAUGHTERED for the Will Of GOD!!!

HELLO!!! did anyone miss the naming convention construct there??? Jericho is about bringing Our Boys Home to the Promise Land after they have been wandering around behind the Pilar of Fire By Night.... Wake UP!!! Smell That extra grande decaffe cafe lattee spinkle deLuxe!!!

Oh yes, that's where most of the Bleeding Heart Types SHOULD have seen something Jericho Missile At The Wiki, yeah, the new cool Israeli Ballistic, which will be able to send an Israeli Nuclear, Biological, and/or Chemical Warfare Agaent - or merely cluster munnitions that would allow for a bit of mix and match, fashion accessorizing of bio-chem and conventional agents in a really cool way, so that the Incindiary/HE mix goes off while the bio-chem components are still out of blast range, thus adding to the juicy flavor space of knowing that anyone coming into as rescue party will be able to see how the Cool Parts of Fashion Accessorizing Death keeps the Death Merchants out in Front of the Fascists Of Fashion!!!

I'm sorry, did I accidentally forget that a part of the subtext of the film was about dealing with some of the less correctly clarified components of the Weapons Industry, and the mythology of warfare as the thingiePOOH that gives Us Meaning And Purpose, and an above average profit margin?

Oh yes, then there is that whole thread of Post_Surrealism about how we need to spend the tax payers hard earned bucks putting F-22 Raptors into play over Afghanistan, as IF there were some ongoing need for Air Superiority over the Taliban Air Force, and those Persian Pedal Powered Phrying pSaucers pOf Phear!!!



So as long as one's complete suspension of disbelief can overlook the technical issues, so that one can focus on the plot devices, story lines, and internal intestinal fortidude development, this is a fun film!!!

Why I expect that all of the Great War Heroes who got wood from 'the 300' will be able to come back around again, and be able to cope with the crisis of faith that they are all working, on, and we all hope that this will help them cope with it, as they learn that after nearly 8 More Years Of The Evil Klintonesta Eco Terrorism of a few bad apples at the top, it is SOOO time for them to rally to the ONE TRUE AND ONLY STANDARD!!!


They Shiney!!!


Yes, we look forward to the ongoing tidal wave of Red Hollywood Remakes of The True Heroic Heroes who were more americanly american than all of those evil liberal heroes who were not as american as RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!

Do You Want to Know More???

Do you want to see Neal Patrick Harris Rescued From GitMo and returned to his rightful role as the Great Head of Games and Theory????

Do You want Shiney to be More Shiney????

Stay TUNED!!!
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