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Oh GOD Those Tax And Spend Liberals Gone CRAZY!!!

The U.S. Army says it will immediately repair barracks at Tripler Army Medical Center and seven other facilities in the wake of inspection at bases worldwide.

The inspections were done the last week of April and covered nearly 150,000 barracks rooms.

They found that 45 repairs needed priority attention, including new heating and cooling equipment, repainting, mold removal and other work.

The Army today identified eight installations that will get priority attention including Tripler and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. A video on YouTube last month showed paratroopers living in dilapidated barracks at Fort Bragg.

Army Secretary Pete Geren has said that 248 million dollars in emergency funds has been appropriated to fix problems found during the inspections.

[ cf Army targets Tripler, 7 other bases for repairs after worldwide inspections ]
Ok, so there are family tie issues here.

i spent some time enjoying the fun filled and exciting tropical vacation at Tripler Army Medical Center back in wonderful fun in the Sun 1967.... Ah yes, why any day then, the Light At The End Of The Tunnel was just gonna come right on rushing out and make america safe from those Sinister Vietnamese Flying Saucers...

Later On, my son was born there... His first official act was to piss up the Sleeve or an Army Lt. while my daughter, ever her mother's little dahling, was born making landfall in a liberty launch, and would have her first girls gathering up at L&D in Tripler. One of those Delicate Sensitive Gathering of Female Military Personnel in warm reasuring candle lit gatherings where they do the various forms of ritualistic NonMalePerKinMilitaryRituals that are, well, NonMalePerkin, And Military, And Ritualistic.... Ah yes, those happy family values times...

And to think those Democrats, who took office, and the majority of the house, back in January 2007, have allowed things to collapse to such dispicable levels.

It IS JUST A HORROR that Evil Doing Liberals in Evil Liberal Land have failed to support Maintenance of the US Military Facilities, and in a mere 18 Months have been able to make them all degenerate through decades of gun decked maintenance.

Can There Be ANY Clearer And More Compelling Evidence for the Existence of the Evil Princes Sparkle Pony and Her Demonic Forces Of DOOM!!!!

Can there be any doubt that NOW More Than Ever the american People MUST HAVE RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything less and the timebandits of DOOM will destroy our white christian america!!!

Now MORE Than EVER YOU MUST Rally To Princesse Sparklee Poney!!! Or The Evil Liberals Will Be Even More Evil, And Liberal And Sssss's.
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