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More HORRORS From The Dark Dungeons Of Princess Sparkle Pony!!!

It's beginning to look like Rep. Vito Fossella, the only House Republican representing a New York City district, may not have much of a future left in Congress.

Republican Rep. Vito Fossella of New York faces a political crisis after admitting on the heels of a drunk driving arrest to having fathered a child out of wedlock Fossella, who's conservative and married, has admitted to having a 3-year-old love child. This comes a week after he was arrested in northern Virginia on drunk driving charges.

There are some congressional districts where such extracurricular behavior might not be fatal to a political career. His Staten Island district probably isn't one of them.

[ cf GOP's DUI lawmaker admits to fathering love child ]
Maybe NOW would be a good time to talk about Accepting Dubya as YOUR Personal Lord And Savior!!!

Since all True Americans BELIEVE in RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!!

AND OPPOSE the EVIL HORRORS brought about by the Leather Clad Princess Sparkle Pony and her Demonic Dungeon Of Despair!!!

I mean, if this "love child" were three, that would mean that this is one of the HORRORS of The Failed Klintonesta Policy of Kapitulationist Appeasement that has come about because of the Sinister Liberal Democratic Congress of THE SATANIC NANCY PELOSI!!!

And DO NOT give me any of that devil worshipping Number Stuff!!! We all Know
Number Theory is JUST a Theory!!!
It Is NOT a Fact!!!
And therefore can not be used to invalidate a truly Religious Argument about the HORRORS of Liberalism and The Sininster Princess Sparkle Pony!!!
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