drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Is Chuck Hagel Whining?

And Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a Republican and Vietnam war veteran, told The Omaha World-Herald, "If he'd been in the military, he would have learned gun safety."
[ cf forbes ]
Could it be that there are some who are not as convinced as others about the growing effort to park the
Gun's Gone Crazy!
on the same level as, well all of the other issues that Dick is not really sure if he can or will come out of the closet about... Since well he might have to actually testify in court.

Yes, I can understand that the President MIGHT actually believe that Dick was being 'forceful' about the issue. And yes, I think it is just disgusting how the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA has been trying to turn this into some sort of Chappaquidick Equivolancy - given that there were women there who were not married to the Principle Male Players. But Please! That is such a slimey smear!

This is the 21st Century Folks!

Men no longer have to pretend that they are having some sordid affair with some nice young republican girl, just because, well, they didn't get to do that Parris Island Dance
( cf http://www.moviewavs.com/cgi-bin/moviewavs.cgi?Full_Metal_Jacket=myrifle.wav, see also Gunlore in the Military since, well, yes, if the trigger is the clitoris, then, well, some young men may have issues...)
where they learned about the difference between their Rifle And Their Gun, and, well, how to be open about their emotions about their big all hat and no cattle RealHeMan[dm] doesn't have to be a one for one and onto mapping with the traditional sexual implications of firearms....

So yes, maybe the President was Impressed, as Dick tried to be, as Manly as he could be about, well, the situation. Since, well, Maybe Dick hasn't been willing to be as open with the President on this issue, as, with, well, the Iraqi Intelligence Issues, and that Burning a CIA asset, so... Maybe we need to just have Act Up help Dick learn to cope with these issues in a more appropriate manner.

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