drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Gave Princess Sparkle Pony The Credit Card???

Could it be that the EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony is behind the Demonic Surge, SurgeTastically, in the growing Consumer Credit Crisis?
Americans' personal debt took a huge leap in March, according to a report from the Federal Reserve released Wednesday.

The total debt held by individuals rose $15.3 billion from the prior month, to $2.6 trillion. Analysts polled by Briefing.com had expected personal debt to rise by only $6 billion.

The category of debt that includes credit cards, referred to as "revolving credit," rose by $6.3 billion, while the category that includes fixed-payment loans, such as student and car loans, jumped $9 billion.

[ cf Surprise jump in consumer borrowing ]
Or is this REALLY the Great News that the Growth OF Huberonimics is HuberAcious!!!

Now More than Ever, More Americans Have the Huberous Of Huberonomics!!! Because they TOO Know that they will never be personally held accountable for any of their fiscal obligations becaue RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Are OUR best friends, and that they will go on winning against the Forces Of Darkness And IkkyYukkyPoohPerIsm EVERYWHERE because They Know that Only Nuclear Mercantilism Is the Mercantilism Of Jesus, since Clearly Jesus Gave Us Nukes BECAUSE HE LOVES US!!!!

Would this be a great time to accept Dubya as your Personal Lord And Savior, or will we need to NUKE FIRST and ask questions of Your Godless Heathen Ass Later????
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, war

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