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is that a silent K there???

Republican U.S. presidential candidate John McCain said on Wednesday he would support incentives to encourage states to develop potential oil fields but would not try to force them to exploit potential resources, especially in environmentally sensitive areas.

"I do believe that we should drill for it," he said when discussing oil exploration at a town hall meeting in Rochester, Michigan. "But I am a federalist and I believe in the rights of states to make those decisions."

[ cf McCain backs incentives to boost offshore oil ]
Hello Miss Kitty, did he make a Ditty?

Mean to say "kill for it", and wound up with mere 'Drill For It', KNOWING full well that theoretically the various states of the Union should not be raising their own para-military raiding parties to secure the various oil fields of the various Pagan Nations that do not accept the Divinity of Dubya.

Or is McCain, once again merely torturing americans with his Stab Our Troops In The Back moment of forgetting to support the president to support the troops.

Clearly MORE reasons for RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

And anything less is stabbing our Troops In The Back because as an UnBeleiver one HATES Princesse Shiney Sparklee Poney The True Defender Of ALL of the Holy Lands Of The Happy Space Of Divinity Of Dubya Land!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to Support Princess Sparklee Poney?

Or would this be a good time to talk about accepting the divinity of dubya as YOUR personal Lord And Savior.
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