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The New Word, Hedonics.

There are two interesting look ups from googling: The Illusions of Hedonics ( from The Dark Ages, back in 7/29/2005 - when Only The GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS were opposed to the True TruthierNeff of the True Cool as Mandated by the Argument From Divine Comedy, and the Improved Laugh Factor of the Numerical Numbers Numberized By New Numerology ). Then there is the bland bit in the wiki, that REALLY needs work, since it does not once Mention Princesse Sparklee Poney.

Basically for those of you who may not understand the notion of a CPI ( consumer price Index ) the idea is to keep track of how the 'inflation rate' is going. Thus when the costs of things go up, such as the 78% Surge in the cost of Medical Insurance, while Income rises only 19% there would seem to be a problematic issue here trying to explain that there is only a 17% increase in the costs here. But that was before hedonics, which took into account the Emotional Excitement hand Happineff that comes from having Medical Insurance, as well as the number of Evil Princess Sparkle Pony had to be slaughtered to Make The Bad Things go away, and the Sunshine and Happineff Happier!

{ and yes, did you see the HORROR McCain Lapel Checkup: Still Pinless, Still Unmentioned What CLEARER SIGN do americans need that McCain HATES FREEDOM and wants to sell your white blonde haired blue eyed virgin teenage daughters to overseas IslamoFascists because he HATES UBU!!! But We digress here. }

So you see, when the Numbers are Numerical, it is Important to REMIND americans
Number Theory Is Just A Theory!!!!
Which helps explain why we need a solid count of the DEAD Princess Sparkle Pony needed to keep a Free America FREE!!!

For those who may be victims of the Failed Pre-911 Culture, yes, some would say that by Fidgetting the CPI numbers, that does mean preventing those Expensive Cost Of Living Allowances that influence not only the Baathist Dead Enders on Social Security, but also the Active Duty Military, and The Veterans, and Disabled Vetearns who are eating warmed over Dead Pincess Sparkle Pony Helper, because that is all they can aford.

But Americans MUST remember that they FEEL HAPPIER about the fact that they are doing their Part to Keep Haliberton's New Corporate Headquarter in DoHa safe from the Real HA-HA!!!

And so, this is why Hedonics is the Most Important Part of the Holy War Against the EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony who HATES America and wants to destroy our White Christian America!!!

So Remember, when it comes time to impersonate a voting event like Sequence, Do It Hedonically by Appearing to Vote RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because ANYTHING LESS and the Evil Princess Sparkle Poney Will Rape And Pillage and Sell Nuclear Weapons To Terrorists From Her Dungenous Castle Lair in the Evil Fortress Of Gloom on Demonic Beast Creature Island!!!
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