drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Damn Judicial Activist Judges!!!

Don't They KNOW that 'legal theory' is just a Theory!!!

Are YOU doing your part to stop the Judicial Activists By Supporting RoboBushCheny
They Shiney!!!

Or are you hoping that the Anti-War Dope Smoking Hippie RINO McCain, who opposes the free right of the Great Leader To Torture Anyone He See's Fit, will majikally flip flop again and this time accept that only the Radical Judicial Activists On The Bench Oppose Allowing the Unitary Executive Principle The Principality that is the Divine Rights Of The Unified Executive as comes with being Proven to be the Divinity based upon the argument of Intelligent Design!

But Wait!!! If McCain really opposed Judical Activists, wouldn't that mean that he has truly Accepted Dubya as his Lord And Savior!!! But if that were true, then he would renounce his RINO stab our troops in the back attack on our white christian america by failing to Support The President To Support The Troops!

Oh Dear.... why that would mean....
Tags: bushcheney2008, law

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