drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What is the Cosmos Trying To Tell Me???

So I decide to get up from my desk and wander into the bathroom to look at the prospects of politely passing out in there from the chest pains.

Then my Step Mother calls me on the cellphone.

After trying to remind my step mother that I have a religious problem with the commission of a felony merely because some friends think that it might be an idea, I explain to her that I am planning to deal with either a Coronary or a Collapsing Lung, thank you very much for asking....

This of course makes me worry that the chest pains were a precursor symptom....

Why EVER would God want to give chest pains as a persuror symptom to hearing from the Step Mother?

What part of the Wonder of Intelligent Design does this dictate???
Tags: family, religion

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