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Why Do Bernanke And Paulson Hate Freedom???

Hey kids, have you seen Kevin Phillip's new book Bad Money, that is named after Gresham's Law.

Well GOSH, what if americans actually believed in 'the rational market hypothesis' of Milton Friedman?

What IF the Pimps of the ProWar "don't we look cute in our knickers and Mission Accomplished Prom Dress Boots" wankers had been pimping this as a central religious tenant of the True Faith of the Draft Dodgers, both as to why they MUST be allowed to avoid active military service, but also why this is a Truthier Truth than all other truths, EVER!!!

Now the reason I list this as a religious Dogma Issue, rests upon the failure of Science!!!!

Clearly if there were some sort of science stuff, then there would be a testable hypothestis for the rational market hypothesis, which would, reasonably be useful when times of market irrationality came into existence, such as the Hedge Fund Follies, or the Mortguages Based NotReallySecurities Situation!!!

But since no one wants to Rationally address the rationality of the Rational Market Hypothesis, we can safely exclude it from the realM of science, and place it were it has always belonged, in the Happy Land Of Religious Faith!

Which of course helps explain how this has become an acceptable foundation of the Religious Right's Gospel of Prosperity, since clearly if the Rapture does not come first, then OBVIOUSLY My Sparklee Poney and Tinkerbell will meet us at the End Of The Practicing HeteroSeXual RAINBOW of Morally Upright And Decent People!!! { AS OPPOSED TO THE GOD HATING GAY HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie Rainbow where only DEATH and Darkness Resides. } Since clearly the freedom from that science stuff makes the rational market hypothesis safe in the land of Tinkerball and My Sparklee Poney!!! As Long As You Keep On Believing!!!

Thus when both Bernanke And Paulson BRUTALLY STABBED OUR FIGHTING FORCES!!!, since clearly both TinkerBell and My Sparklee Poney are on the Bulwarks Of Freedom, IN THE BACK!!!! they did so because they are obviously GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS WHO HATE FREEDOM and no longer believe in the Power Of UBU and how UBU will bring Tinkerbell back to life every time, just as long as we all clap our hands and Ask The Unborn Baby Unicorn to bring TinkerBell Back!!!

Since if they TRULY BELIEVED then they would have Truly Understood that the TRUE PATH was to allow the INVISIBLE FOOT OF THE MARKET to wander freely and rationally as it wilst with Tinkerbell, and My Sparklee Poney and The CARE BULLS, since ONLY EVIL LIBERALS believe in the Care Bears And The Economics Of DOOM!

But DID the Evil Bernanke and The Sinister Side Kick Paulson do their God Given Patriotic Duty and Support The Invisible Foot Of The Market????


They BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED The Innocent My Sparkelle Poneyies with their EVIL DEMONIC Cash Infusions to restore the INSANITY of The Market!!!



These Brutes Who Would Stab Tinkerbell In The Back!!!

Why ARE there such BAD MEN who do not believe in the Powers Of TinkerBell And My Sparklee Poney to restore the Revealed Tuths Of The Rationality Of The Market Place!!!

ARE YOU doing YOUR Part to Protect TinkerBell and My Sparklee Poney from the BAD MEN???


Clearly there can be no more Compelling Reason why we MUST have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything Less and these radical left winge Extremists Like Bernanke And Paulson will BRUTALLY slaughter My Sparklee Poney and sell the meat in Mexico!!! On the Orders of their God Hating IslamoFacist Overlords!!!

Granted, the alternative may be that Milton Friedman got along so well with Generalissimo's because, well, damn, when it comes to true believing, nothing is more True than still being alive because you have not spoken a bad thing about the Generalissimo's Failures Of Fashion!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, war

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