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Why Does Michael Reagan HATE FREEDOM?

In case you haven't noticed, gas prices are soaring, hiking the cost of food and just about everything else. If you believe Hillary Clinton, the blame for all this lies on the shoulders of those greedy oil companies and their bloated profit margins, a notion that like just about every other snake-oil remedy she tries to peddle is simply not the case.
If you are really sick and tired of $4.00 gasoline, really sick of being dependent on foreign oil, and equally as sick of seeing your food bills go up, the conventional wisdom would lead you to blame the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But that's a waste of time, as is blaming George Bush or the oil companies.

None of them make environmental policy. That policy is set by three individuals two who are located in New York City. If you want to drill in Alaska or the Gulf of Mexico or in the continental U.S. -- where billions of gallons of petroleum are just waiting to be tapped -- or build refineries, these three people stand in your way.
Van Noppen runs Earthjustice from Oakland, California. None of these three is in touch with America. They hate America, they hate you. And they want your gas to cost $8.00 a gallon.

[ cf Put The Blame Where It Belongs ]

Skip right over the global economics, skip right past the global geology, and go meandering off whining about the evils of America Haters....


I mean, if we are going to abandon actual economic realpolitik, and skip past the unpleasantry that the two things that america exports (a) Red Hollywood God Hating AMERICA BASHING Propoganda (b) Debt Instrumentational Financialization - both of these apparently Mikie has opted to avoid dealing with. Since at least the former raises hard earned hard currencies from actual economies, whereas the later, well, they are creating the ongoing devaluation of the American Dollar that is one of the leading causes for why the american dollar is not quite what it had been back when it was a Buck.

Ok, so maybe the NeoConClownCarCrew sorta forgot that Republicans were suppose to at least be both aware of and influenced by actual real economic issues, and not merely blindly loyal apparachniki puking party pablum.

Ok, that could happen.

And yes, I guess, if you hate Engineering, because, well, DAMN, it involves using Numbers, and your current ETHICO-RELIGIOUS_WANK_FESTIVAL mandates
But Number Theory Is Just A Number
then of course, one can be excused from getting bogged down in them thar complicated bits that would note that the volume of alledged Oil, even in his wet dream fantasies, do not make up the grand difference that we are importing from other ferrign devil nations!!! Such as CANADA!!!

Remember boys and girls, CANADA is the number one trading partner in OIL, and by liberating CANADA we would gain an order of magnitude more oil than we can by drilling in environmentalists.

Which does sorta bring us to the question of why this Draft Dodging Dope Smoking PeaceNiki is OPPOSED to the most obvious solution, namely that we Liberate Canada and Mexico and venezuela, and explain to the world that we are freeing them from their sins and evil immoralities that come from their failure to accept the Divinity Of Dubya.

That would of course help other nations understand that we are a nation who are not afraid to liberate Sinful And Immoral Nations like Red Communist IslamoFascist Canada from their Godless Unbelief in the Divinity of Dubya....

Yeah, and that All TRUE americans Support the President To Support The Troops....

Now don't get me wrong here! Just because someone FAILS to have any ability to deal with the actual economic and/or geopolitical issues based upon the MASSIVE MYOPIA IMPOSED BY MINDLESS DOGMA doesn't mean that they are all bad!!! Why many of his Ilk can be recycled into various useful forms of bio-diesel.

So clearly when this Komrade Party Member Reagan opts to come back to planet earth, and accept his MORAL OBLIGATIONS to accept the divinity of dubya, and become a true believer in the truthier truths, who knows, he may just decide to give up flogging the dead horse that the evil liberal envrionmentalists are the cause of all things dark and evil, and that we can not go on winning more and more total victories against the demonic types until we have removed them.


What more clear and compelling argument can one construct that this Reagan on Stabbing our Troops In The Back by failing to Support Our Valiant Fighting Forces that will for the next Century, or two, be more winning against the Monster's Everywhere than at any time ever!!!

Ok, Ok, Ok.....

So this Michael Reagan MISSED More than two great opportunities to make clear that He both Supported The Divinity Of Dubya, refute those who base their economic policies on Actual Numbers, rather than the Numerological Numbers Of NuKuLar Merchantilism, and the Clear And Compelling Arguments to support our Holy Warriors in the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp KONTINUE to win total victory over the Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucers pOf PHEAR!!!!

BUT NO!!!!!

He had to wimp out like the girlieBoy he really IS!!!
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