drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Jonah Golberg Hate Freedom?

His Bio Blip at caglepost.

What I really find comical is the apparent effort of the defeatist left wing stab our troops in the back types, like this filthy hippie draft dodging anti-war so called psuedo conservative like Jonah Goldberg to play act as if they are well conservatives and not merely failed klintonesta from the failed evil liberal days of the failed liberal pre-911 culture of HORROR!!!


Just because a person is a lick spittle draft dodging dope smoking stab our troops in the back hypocritical pretend pro-war type who actions SCREAM DefeatistKutUndtRunnerKapitulationistAppeaser doesn't mean that he is a bad person!

I think that when he finds a country that will accept him as a puppet toady of his Al-QAEDA OVERLORDS, he should really try to settle in and make something of himself.

No Seriously!!! I Think in Most Patriotically Heroical Victoriously Glorious Time Of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn Baby Unicorn, that EVIL DEMONIC BEAST CREATURES should be driven out of GLORIOUS God Fearing All America so that our White Christian America will always be White Christian And American!!!

I mean, these sort of defeatists like Jonah Goldberg will just feel so much better as they find a happy place to sit around espousing how much they Hate Our White Christian America!!!

Now I am not saying that in the time of transfering the tax liabilities that failing to support the president to support the troops is Mandatory under the pain of being shot by the firing squad for reasons of national security. Nope. Not gonna say that Hanging Is Too Good For These Red Rat Bastards who's claim to fame is being the first male like person to attend a formerly all women's college.

But clearly the bible is clear about the need to burn them alive, since we can not suffer a witch to live.

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