drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Hey Kids, Hate Freedom And Science???

Well there is now a blog for you
Rockets And Such
That boys and PerKinWhoAreNotPatrioticallyKorrektorEnough, is what happens when you cease to believe in the Divinity Of Dubya and want to Raise Up The Demons of Mere Mortal Science.

Clearly These Sorts of People have not learned to Love Freedom And Love The True TruthieNeff!!!

How Much LONGER must god fearing white christian americans suffer at the hands of these Demonic Unbelievers who want science stuff to take precedence over the Divine WILL of Dubya!!! People Who Think That the space stuff is about science!!! Rather than that Space Stuff is about defeating the demonic hordes of Devil Worshipping God Haters From OuterSpace who come to planet earth to destroy our white christian america and take away all of the blonde blue eyed pertnippled big breasted teenage virgin high school cheerleader prom queens!!!


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