drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Thus Spake UnNamedDemonSpawnOfLiberalism

They are really having to stretch to maintain their "Shored of Iwo Jima," "The Longest Day," Lee Marvin, John Wayne, Audie Murphy fantasies of modern American foreign policy.

Dispassionate sarcasm aside... what happens with the more tenuous of the herd when the reality wave form they have so closely guarded finally comes crashing down around them...

Yeah... I worry what happens after that...
Yeah, that is a part of the core crisis in america.

But what would that reality wave form, well, as???

Clew? Cluedo? ClawOfBigFangedBeastCritter?

What if there is no well formed reality wave of any form anywhere on the horizon? OR in the comming future?

Why should americans be bothered any more by the new and improved new and improved than they were with the last what ever of which ever????

How many americans remember the theological underpinnings of Plessey v. Fergessun? Any more than they do that once upon a time Papists Were The SPAWNS OF SATAN who caused the evils of the sixties because they sucked our precious bodily fluids...

Or that Mormons ARE THE SPAWNS OF SATAN trying to destroy our white christian America with their Godless Heathenisms.... and now one has to be additionally careful to understand if the specific Fundamental Polygamist Sect is a Mormon Based Biblical Literalist Cult Group, or one of the Actually Christian Christian Biblically Literalist Cult Group who do not recognize the Federal Government's Divine Rights in the Tax Laws to limit the number of wives and concubines that one can have based solely upon the number that one can write off for tax reasons.

Even if they are not willing to allow a capital depreciation of wives and concubines, as they would with any other capital good, because the evil liberals consider wives and concubines to be even less relevant than any other form of capital good.

I mean think about it. A MAN is allowed to have only one primary domicile, for tax purposes. But can own any number of time shares and summer/winter cottages and dacha's around the country!!! But because these GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS are all Gay HomoZeXuals they do not want to allow a many the same privileges with the women of their inclinations!!! Because these Gay HomoZeXUALS in the IRS hate Women and do not want to allow them to be properly distributed as the Invisibble Foot OF The Free Market, that won the Cold War, would demand is the TRUTHIER PATH!!!

So why should americans majikally wake up to any of the arguments that you think might be in some way intellectually amusing to the typical god hating america basher who is unwilling to take the BIBLE LITERALLY, at least for tax purposes.

It would be nice to think that americans would wake up and become concerned about the fact that we won WWII with the greatest generation EVER!!!! and they did not have the protection of 'under god' in the pledge of allegiance. They did not have the 22nd Ammendment to protect them from accidentally voting for the wrong liberal to be the draft dodger in chief!!! They clearly did not get the Luxuries of not declaring war simply because ronald reagan got divorced because he believed that the POWER of the All Controlling State took precedence over the WILL OF GOD!!! and that what god hath put together, let no man take apart, and ever since Reagan got Divorced and Embarked Upon his APOSTASY of Laying with a Painted Harlot of Red Communist Dominated Hollywood, this nation has been unable to actually declare WAR!!!!

So What IS this Majikal Wave gonna Do?

Make Ronald Reagan take back his lawful wife? And Abandon that Painted Hussy? So that the Nation can return to actually declaring war? and restoring the Correct Biblically Literalist Capital Depreciation Schedule For Wives and Concubines???

I rather doubt it!!!

Instead we will just keep seeing the same old same old.

It's all the democrats fault.

The Bad People Elected Them To Congress, the housing market collapsed, and the Liberals Stabbed The Troops In The Back because they allowed Reagan to Live IN SIN with that Painted Hussy AGAINST the Laws of God, which of course is the real cause of the Gay Revolution that he managed from both the Governators Office, and then from the White House...

Yeah right.

I am sooo expecting americans to wake up and sober up any time soon.

I mean, what is the real advantage in any of that?
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