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Austria, Restoring traditional Family Values...

Ah yes, this piece of normalcy:
With his Mercedes-Benz and his fine clothes, Josef Fritzl looked every inch a property owner, neighbors in this tidy Austrian town said Monday. Even when running errands, they said, he wore a natty jacket, crisp shirt and tie.

Mr. Fritzl’s apartment house, its back garden obscured by a tall hedge, was his kingdom, one neighbor said, and interlopers were not welcome. On Monday, investigators in white jumpsuits combed the house and garden for clues. The authorities said Sunday that Mr. Fritzl, 73, had kept one of his daughters imprisoned for 24 years in a basement dungeon, where she bore him seven children.

The daughter, Elisabeth, now 42, is in psychiatric care, along with two of her children. Her eldest daughter, Kerstin, 19, who was also kept in the basement and whose illness pulled apart Mr. Fritzl’s secret after he had her taken to a local hospital, was in a medically induced coma and was in critical condition, the authorities said.

[ cf Austria Stunned by Case of Imprisoned Woman ]
Uh, hello....

Uh, what exactly makes this so, unAmerican, that the God Hating America Bashing NYT's takes that Unamericanist Tone about it?

We are the nation that has brought you the National Torture Kulture Support System?

We are the nation in the midst of the president's despearate Urges and Needs to have Congress wave the Majikal Wand that he has been emasculated from having because all of the Unbelievers no longer BELIEVE that he has Tinkerbell under control...

So, please, what is it about this story from Austria that does not fit into our All American Way of Life???

Remember to keep clapping if you Believe that Tinkerbell is still More Winning the Whatever On Whomever!!!

And that Tinkerbell will Defeat Harold And Kumar and keep america American!!!

No Seriously, feel free to show some majikal combinations of Biblical Literalism that may help you establish why it is that we should allow the Evil Liberal Welfare State to deprive a Father of the Patriarchal Rights That GOD has given to the True Believers!!!
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