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Satanist Cause Satanism!!

A group of four computer scientists urged Microsoft to redesign the way it distributes patches, after they created a technique that automatically produces attack code by comparing the vulnerable and repaired versions of a program. The technique, which the researchers refer to as automatic patch-based exploit generation (APEG), can create attack code for most major types of vulnerabilities in minutes by automating the analysis of a patch designed to fix the flaws, the researchers stated in a paper released last week.

If Microsoft does not change the way its patches are distributed to customers, attackers could create a system to attack the flaws in unpatched systems minutes after an update is released by the software giant, said David Brumley, a PhD candidate in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

[ cf MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers ]
Well, there you have it.

IF there are systems out there, they have the letter 's' in them, and that stands for SATANISM!!!

Can there be any doubt now that we MUST have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Anything Less and the Satanist Will Satarize Reality Systemically.

For our slow readers. IF you really bought into the Majikal Belief that some how the Majik Powers of the State were going to merely grow like Pinocheot's Nose while they kept telling you that there were more and more and more reasons why we must pay for more and more Kabuki Security Theatre Of The Absurd, well, YOU WERE WRONG!!!! THE CONGRESS MUST PASS THE MAJIKAL SECRETS ACT!!!!

Only When Congress Accepts that the PRESIDENT MUST Have The Majikal Secrets!!! Can we ALL be safe from they them those types....


And all of the follow on merchandising, but with really nice teats.
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