drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Force Congress To PASS the Majik Wand and the Majik Selecting Hat Act!!!

Everyone Heard the great decider point out that Congress has not given him a Majik Wand, not once, but Thrice!!!

And that the President will not continue to sign any more silly congressional stuff that is silly! Like that whole silly failed klintonesta ecoTerrorism of trying to restore the Iraqi Wetlands!!!!

So NOW!!!! Clearly, and compellingly, Congress must not only PASS the National Majik Wand Act, so that the President will be able to stop all of the bad things that have been Happening!!! But MORE Importantly Congress MUST pass the National Security Majik Selecting Hat Act that will give the President the Very Majik Majik Selecting Hat that will tell him which acts of Congress have Been Good, and which ones have been very, very, very naughty acts of congress that he should just never sign!!! Nope Never Sign At ALL!

Clearly as long as congress fails to do it's patriotic duty, it is simply playing into the Terrorist Hands of Harold And Kumar, and if they do not PASS the National Majik Wand Act, Red Hollywood may be forced to Unleash
Harold And Kumar Go To Washington
A pithy stoner update of the GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING Red Propoganda of Frank Capra, but in a more GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING FORMAT!!!

Now More than EVER americans understand why Congress is Bad!!! And RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Are YOU doing your part to force congress to pass the National Majik Wand Act????

Or Are YOU forcing Red Hollywood to make the next in the Harold And Kumar Assault On Our White Christian America????
Tags: congress, war

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