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Harold And Kumar Fail To Remove Retired Military Analysts.

Yes, it is scary Harold And Kumar IS a web site! And
The Pentagon has suspended a program that fed information about the Iraq war to retired military officers who appeared on U.S. television networks as independent analysts, the Defense Department said on Monday.

The program, uncovered last week in a New York Times investigation, was criticized by Democrats for providing private briefings, trips and access to classified intelligence to influence analysts' comments about Iraq and portray the situation as positive even as violence rose in the war zone.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman called the suspension "temporary" and said the Defense Department would review the program to ensure it did not violate department policy.

[ cf Pentagon suspends retired military analyst program ]

Like The Stoner's Win!!!

I'm NOT going to say that there is any sort of Super Secret Konspirakii that Harold And Kumar ESCAPE from GitMo and the Evil Liberal Media Persecute the Evil Liberal Media for the Evil Liberal Media's RentBoys who turn out to be actually partially on loan from the DOD, but without a Recycling Value, so that you can get your deposit back if you return them to the DOD.

Oh NO!!!!

That's What the Evil Liberal Media would want you to believe, right next to:
Justice Antonin Scalia on Sunday characterized himself as a social conservative and "a law-and-order guy" whose views do not impact his interpretation of the Constitution.
[ cf Scalia opens up on '60 Minutes' ]
Yeah, like as IF Scalia didn't swallow....

I mean, what is this? The Evil Liberal Military-Industrial-Infotainment Complex trying to pimp:
Dude? Where's My Jurisprudence?
or the more complex
Dude? Where's My Epistemology
or is this really just the clear and compelling proof that the Harold And Kumar Franchise is taking over the WORLD!!!

That they have the level of DIVINE POWERS that will finally give us
Harold And Kumar Meet Cheech And Chong
and proove that it was NOT Yoko Ono who broke up that brilliant stunning duo!!!

Then who can hold their water until we see
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Against Harold And Kumar
Not to mention the inevitable
Harold And Kumar Meet Abbot And Costello
in the grudge matche battle royalE for SCARIEST MOVIE MONSTER MADNESS!!!

But basically I would say that you have to See the new Harold and Kumar Movie, or the Terrorists WIN!!!

It is a stunning insight into what would happen if Hitlary and her RadFemiSurfNazi's were to take control of the government with their evil unamerican God Hating America Bashing!!!

So YES!!!

See The Movie! Throw Popcorn At The Screen!!! Buy The Merchandizing! Buy the DVD!!! Take Friends to see this movie, take TOTAL STRANGERS to get even stranger!!!


Yes, NOTHING says RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

Like seeing Harold And Kumar Fail to unemploy the RentBoys of the DOD in their New Movie!!!
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