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Apple Enhances Military Capacity For Apple Security.

Hey Revisionist Puppet Toadies.... Let us look beyond the meager leftist leaning defeatist liberal media, and into the RealTruthierTruths:
In typical fashion, Apple has refused to disclose its exact plans for the PA Semi gear or engineers. And, as we hear it, this code of silence extends to companies that have embraced the PWRficient chips.

Extreme Engineering Solutions is one company that hopes Apple will continue the PWRficient line. It has concocted a dozen embedded product designs around the processor for the military, including systems for mine sweeping, signals intelligence and radar.
Scidmore declined to answer further questions on the weapons systems, although another source close to PA Semi said that the company's various customers expected to see $100m in missile-related orders alone over the next five years.

[ cf Apple gets into mine-sweeping, missiles and storage ]
But let us ask the really Important Question:
Will Apple BECOME the first nuclear armed Corporate Theocracy?
so that the true believers know that when they are Worshipping the Corporate OverLord of their choice, that there will be a MAD ( Mutually Assurred Destruction ) behind all of that grovelling and devotion!

Clearly these are positive signs that Apple is once again enhancing and extending the forward reach of the true visionaries of the New Post-Post Industrial Era! NO LONGER will individuals find themselves limited to the welfare statist NannyOverLords for the bliss of Nuclear Annihilation, now that can be achieved by anyone with a really good corporate position!!!

Ah Yes, we can all see the militaire-chic shoulder patches boldly announcing
Corporate Raiders Lead The Way!
as the dark old days of the failed liberal peace freak models are replaced with more Manly Models of Masculinely Manly Male Corporate Structures no longer willing to hide behind the skirt strings of the Evil NannyState and the Welfare Queens of the DOD!!!

All Hail Our Korporate Liberators!!! For they have brought us the TRUE FREEDOM!!!
Tags: economics, religion, war

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