drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And the President's Actual Position Is What Again?

Ok, so the allegation is being spread in the evil liberal media that the President Thinks that the VP has handled the current shooting crisis, just fine. Is this what the president actually means? Or is there some other special moment here? I mean, there is that ongoing problem that the Prez has been especially obliged to duck away from his previous position about firing anyone involved in the Plame Crisises - and now Scotter Libbey is getting support from Dick that it is ok to burn Assets, and the President has decided that this is one of those things, that well, they just need to not comment on, because of the ongoing technical stuff about stuff.

Meanwhile there is that other bouncing ball out there. While hoping to get the UN to back our bid to invade Iran, the Prez is all prissy over the impoliteness of the UN demanding that we close down the Illegal detention Faciliy in GitMo - while at the same time all prissy over the impoliteness that there are Abu Ghraib Photo's leaking out there, while there are more reports about the Iraqi Death Squads and the Torture Chambers run out of the Iraqi Ministry Of The Interior.

So when the president whines about
The White House said on Thursday in response to newly public photographs of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq that the United States military had acted to make sure such violence would never happen again. ...
did they mean the new photographs should not have been released, under the new policy, that allows torture when the president thinks it is cool, just like dick was advocating....

Then there is that problem with the whole question of whether the FISA laws need to be retroactively gutted so that the president will not have to worry about which laws are the lawful obligations of americans...

So gosh, which is the actual position that the President is really taking on all of this?

That nothing makes things better like blaming others, and when all else fails, take responsibility, and hope no one believes you... Or that gosh, it's not like this has ever been about morality, or character and, relative to Dick the Prez still mostly looks Doffy and not really that dangerous... Since who would give him live ammo...

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