drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got Junk You Can't Unload????

Forget Craig's List, bribe someone in the NannyState Welfare Queen World of the DOD!!!
A Georgia military contractor tricked law enforcement agencies into buying faulty stun grenades, ultimately leaving three FBI agents injured, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Pyrotechnic Specialties Inc. is accused of relabeling and selling "flash-bang" grenades that the U.S. military rejected after its personnel were injured.

The company also mixed defective grenades with others that had been fixed "to camouflage the defective devices from receiving personnel" at the FBI, the indictment says.

[ cf Indictment: Strip club trip among bribes to sell faulty grenades ]
I mean, who is going to care that some members of the US Military Died because of faulty equipment that was sold to the dod?

I mean, no, really, SERIOUSLY!!! Who Is Going To Care???

The ProWarWheenies currently dodging the fate of actually having to follow their rhetoric into the NannyState Welfare Wage World????

I mean go Team Venture, we sooo have to back anyone hip enough to mix government-fraud-unstable-grenades-and-strip-clubs in, well, one tokenization...

What if it were a war crime to commit such acts as lead to the intentional death of troops in the combat zone?

Do you think those Whining Snivellors in the ProWarWheenie Land would be, well, engaged?
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