drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ooooh, get scary....

hey kids, notice that lovely big news spread at the NYT, ( Message Machine: Behind Military Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand ), it appears, SHOCK! SHOCK! that many of these paid analysts have been supporting their personal economic interests, and securing a well feathered future in the Military-Industrial-InfoTainment Complex.

Oh ME!!!

Oh MY!!!!

Who ever could have expected that????

But in gooder news, it appears that the DOD has hoped in bed with the Rich White Elitist Extremist O'Bama and will be expanding the WhateverOnWhomever into iPakistan as a war winning, and award winning InfoTainment must have fetish item of the season!!!

So remember boys and girls, you read it hear first!!!

Total Glorious Victorious Mission Accomplished Occurs NOW for iPakistan!!!

Anything less and you are just going to have to make due with some second string InfoTainment!!!

Remeber boys and girls, Torture Isn't Torture, unless it is the Illegal Type Of Torture we are not allowed to market to you at market maker prices!!!! So as we move forward in our total total war, with merchanidising and great product tie ins, expect to see the new round of Torture Professionals showing that not only MUST we go on bombing those known civilian hide outs, we must also go on torturing their children!!!

Yes boys and girls, reserve your copy of the soon to be collector's item,
Torturer's Gone Wild: the iPakistan years
so that you can impress your friends with how much you not only support the troops to support the president, but how much more you support the torturers who are doing what we all want them to do, just like Jack Bauer, and now will be allowed to expand into iPakistan, before moving on to iIndia and iChina, and iTibet....

Think of it as the The Wonderful World Of Disney but here Tinkerbell gets a leather bustier, and gets to make grown men understand the importance of accepting the divinity of Dubya!!! Ah yes.... Tinkerbell, arching majikally over the Majik Kingdom Dungeon... How heart warming...

Americans are still keeping track of that whole WarThingiePooh?

Or are they just bogged down in the whole Britany Crisis in the democratic party?
Tags: bushcheney2008, torture, war

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