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Dick Supports Burning CIA for Domestic Political Consumption

"If it turns out that Cheney was actively involved in decisions related to the disclosure of a CIA officer's identity and if the truth of it is that he was orchestrating the disclosure of information to the media, it seems to me that's a fundamentally different case than one centered around the activities of Libby," said Ray.

On Oct. 28 of last year, Libby was indicted on five counts of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI about how he learned of the identity of undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame and what he told reporters about it.
An authorization defense in the CIA leak case would mean that "much of what Libby was trying to do was aid and protect his boss Cheney," Ray suggested. The downside to employing such an approach is that it "almost comes with a defense that I did it."

[ cf Yahoo_news ]
A tip of the hat to tongodeon for his ongoing willingnes to be Evil And Support Terrorists, with his threads where he all but admits that he remains unconvinced that Congress has offered majikal powers to burn Ongoing Intelligence Operations for strictly domestic concerns.

Yes Boys and Girls - some of us are proud of our service to country. And we remain unimpressed with those who hate the American Intelligence Community, and want to put our people at risk, simply because, well, 'those democrats are liberal, and ted kennedy drinks, and commie girls are better in bed.... and we wanted to win in vietnam, but we had to stay CONUS stopping liberals from being liberal'.

Come On Folks let us grow some stones and work out which SIDE DO we want to be on?

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