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lovely wonderland...

ah yes, little new in the debate, but it is so worth noticing:bitterness, guns, religion, anti-immigrant sentiment, and anti-trade sentiment.

I of course totally DISAGREE with left wing extremists like tongodeon who has a mythological belief that there can/should/might be some relationship between owning a firearm and 'dealing' with the inability of the police department to deal with Crime. Because for the life of me, It is NOT clear how my owning a handgun would have prevented Enron from stealing... But I of course chaulk up his mythos to the usual flow of chaos about both weapons and their role as more than toteems in modern society.

So that we are clear, Enron destroyed MORE VALUE in their litttle fiasco than all of the Red Commies, IslamoFascists, and street thug wannabe's have destroyed in my personal space. So My Correlation Of Crime with Enron and Gun Culture IS driven by the mere issues of history and facts. We can of course retreat into a more ideologically correct context if we wish, but what would america be like IF it tried to deal with history and facts as a viable part of the system.

Guns are a lovely part of any 'Gun Culture' - I mean I remember field stripping my first Fully Automatic WEAPON at the age of 10 or 11, I mean, what more natural coming of age experience should any young man have, than learning the family trade. But maybe that too is a part of my distancing from the current civilian driven gun culture. To ME they are merely professional tools. Ok, so YES, I do have a 17" LapTop, because SIZE MATTERS, but that is another issue about RealMan[dm] professional tools.

But in these times of Holy Crusades, when anyone who really wanted to take on the Indians In The Bad Lands, could just sign up with either the welfare statist army.com or get hired by any of the Professional Militaries, and get a chance at Pre-IPO stock options as a part of the New And Improved Free Marketeer Military Incorporated! Or better Yet!!! Form your own Pre-IPO Start Up!!! Be the Next Lucky Kid to strike it RICH with Wars R Us, or what ever cool "we slaughter for resources at market to you customer focused hygh synergy sounding name" that your market researchers would find hip, cool, and way trendy...

{ ah yes, could that be a part of the 'bitterness' problem here???? All of the GunNut ProWar Wheenies waking up to the sorry unpleasantry that war was never any fun, all of that gun waving fantasy land 'well regulated militia', Red Dawn, Sands Of Iwo Jima, John WayneIsm, JohnnyRamboKnife and lunch box specials, were, well just so much marketting crap. }

We could work our way around the other parts of that problem, such as the unpleasantry as one lives through the collapse of the True Theocracy, with god's one true and only decider.... and that takes us off into the scary part of religion....

Or, we might take a bit of a deeper look at the real issues that were really presented in Obama's Comments, and my Hat off to tongodeon for a most excellent general take.

I still feel that the folks who are feeling bitter, need to start looking at whether they want to be a part of the solution? Or are they just going to keep on being a part of the Problem.

XenoPhobia is no solution, and the folks pimping it, alas, are a long standing cultural component here in the Good Old USofA. Why who can forget Bogart, in his first time getting big billing in Black Legion ( surprise, the defeatist Red Hollywood Types are pimping it as the lead off in their Gangsters Vol 3 collection, Coincidence? Or Konspirakii by evil liberals? ) then there is the sinister Jigsaw (1949) where Henry Fonda does an uncreditted walk on as a waiter.... ( I recommend both, even if they oppose hate mongering as a mere money making Racket, which in a modern world would make it liable to RICO... )

Ah yes, the money that gets made in the Hate Mongering Rackett....

But to go there might mean that some ways of making money are not moral.... and that way leads to ethical and legal debates that can complicate the simplistic FreeMarketeering that is easy to sell bumper stickers, T-Shirts, Uniforms, Small Arms and Ammunition....

So maybe americans would be well served to ACTUALLY become aware of the actual american cultural melieu and not merely the readily markettable....

NAH!!!! that's way tooo stoney an Idea.

Better call RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!!

Because, well those Rich Elitist Snops in the Democratic Party are picking on the Gooder People....
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