drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Imminent End of Apple....

Hey Kids, it's all over. Time to pick up your marbles and go home:
Apple may have a hard time shutting down the new maverick Mac-clonemaker Psystar, say legal experts.

Psystar, a Miami-based IT services company, started advertising the $400 OpenComputer this week. It's a generic PC that comes with Leopard, Apple's latest operating system, pre-installed.

[ cf Forget the Courts — Apple May Fight Mac Clones With Tech ]
Oh, hold it...

What was I thinking.

Who in america really believes that Law is Legal????

Clearly if Apple, or any other corporation, has an issue, they too can join the new age new wave dance craze and bomb first and ask questions later on, if at all.

Just think how much more exciting the world will be as major corporations stop depending on the welfare state welfare queens of Army.com, and opt to do their All American Patriotic Duty, and put together or Corporate Raiding Force to BE REMEMBERED!!!!


Join The Resource Warriors!!!

Become a free lance volunteer in the Corporate Military Of Your Choice!!!

Anything less and those welfare queens win!!!

This boys and girls is WHY we want RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Because anything else is a retreat into the failed dark days when military force was the spawn of welfare NannyStates!!!!
Tags: economics, law, war

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