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Hey kids, seen the new video????

One of my not so smart friends sent me this really cool video with
This 10 second video is a tad loud - if you're in an office, might wanna turn down the sound before letting'er rip....

This is video of an A-10 pilot from 9700 feet away (almost two miles) lighting up four terrorists with 30 mike-mike cannon WITHOUT injuring the dog nearby who escaped unharmed. It was shot at night and you are hearing the FAC speaking. It is very graphic. Tenth round is a tracer, so the bullets you actually see are every tenth, so they are getting hit with hundreds of rounds, but the dog is unscathed. Muzzle velocity on the 30mm is 2430 feet per second.
Hum... ten seconds...

Hum... A-10 Thunderbolt II have a lovely GAU-8 Avenger. ( OOOH, Diana Riggs? Or... enquiring minds want to know... )

So let us think here, we are talking about dumping either Depleted Uranium Rounds on 'four terrorists', or with an HE round that has such a majikal blast radius....

I am sooooo not sure which is more comical as a talking point.

But let us wonder why it is that we are getting this happy piece of Majikal Miracle???

Are we really in such straights that the idea of leaving DU dust around the area is sooo cool, that we do not want to think of the cost per kill??? Or are we suppose to be having that majik crusader moment where our holy warriors are sooooo great that they can kill the demon creatures and keep the pretty fluffy bunny alive???

Are the nice folks avoiding combat service who are pimping this sort of propoganda that afraid of what has been the ongoing flow of the war to date? The fun of leaving out bait so that the snipers have an excuse for shotting children??? You know, 'well the kid took the spool of wire, so of course he is a terrorist'.

Or are they still trying to compensate for the high number of War Crime Convictions of American Troops BY american courts???

Or are they trying to cope with all of the leaks about how americans support torture!!!

Come On Kiddies...

What is the realy game in play?

oh yeah, for those doing the math, at 1800 Rounds Per Minute, that is 30 Rounds per second, ever tenth one is a tracer, that means at least 3 tracer rounds per second... hey kids, what fun it must be to die of burning wounds....

{ updated to conform to EVIL Liberal Math. Unlike Patriotic American Math.
Super Subtext Still: ten seconds, would mean up to 30 tracer rounds... but what warthog driver is going to fire a sustained burst??? }

Could the real issue here be that the pro-war crowd is still desperately trying to find their majikal solace moment for abandoning the american troops in Iraq, since, well gosh, for some reason those Pro-War folks are not getting the body's to be the boots on the ground..... So what other position are the Pro-War folks taking about the fact that we keep sending and resending the same folks, because the Pro-War crowd keeps sitting on their face rather than follow their rhetoric into the combat zone...

Ok, so we also have to ask - what happens before and after the 10 seconds of video? And why do we decide that these are terrorists? Is it the same old rule the Pro-War Crowd used while avoiding service in vietnam? That rubric about how they had to be VC because they were dead.

Ah yes...

America, where they gots them some family values....
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