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FINALLY american education enters the 21st Century!!!

Hurrah For Progress, For Progress is Progressive:
Two teachers at a Baltimore, Maryland, high school say they were attacked by students, and one says such assaults are commonplace, according to CNN affiliate WBAL.

The school district says it is investigating and will take appropriate action, but both art teacher Jolita Berry and English teacher Marc Standish say the administration has failed to protect and support them.

"I looked over, and her friends were cheering her on. And before I knew it, she hit me in the face," Berry told WBAL after cell-phone video depicting what she said was a student beating her last Friday appeared on the social networking Web site MySpace.com.

[ cf Teachers say district fails to act after students hit them ]
Finally Children Are LEARNING!!!

One can only hope that as they learn Modern Diplomacy, that they will be far better to take up their Patriotic Duty Bring Peace And Freedom to the needy peoples of the world who need to be more Diplomatic.

Yes, FINALLY, those evil liberals have been shown to be the complete failures that they have always been!!!

What greater Proof that No Child Left Behind has been the Victoriously Glorious Military Victory Over The Evils Of Liberalism that all true believers have believed!!!

Can we have a round of "all Hail RoboBushCheny"
They Shiney!!!!

as our Progress Progresses!!!
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