drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Racist Evil Liberal Media Got It Wrong.

Does it really surprise anyone that when the brighter of the Bennett Brother's proposes a Brilliant Solution, that of course the evil liberal media, that festoring cesspool of racist evil liberalism would simply get it WRONG!

The Man Had A Brilliant Idea - if we abort all of the black children then crime would go down!

Clearly if Evil Blacks like Tom DeLay had been aborted, then he would not be in the current crime spree crisis that he has been indicted for. Not to mention the years of Ethics Violations Issues.

Clearly the Evil Black Judith Miller would not be swinging from the revolving door of evil liberal justice for her part in offering matterial aid and support to international terrorism by failing to help the Grand Jury find the source of the Leak of a CIA Officer.

Clearly the Evil Black Senator Frist would not be tap dancing around the current SEC investigation into how deep was the criminal spree associated with the HCA fiasco.

The list of Evil Black People just keeps on rolling along. Rush Limbaugh, I mean who doesn't associate Blacks Like Rush with their nefarrious Drug Addiction?
Or those Black People On the Enron and World Com Groupies, like convicted terrorists Arthur Andersen, the corporate entity, not the actual person. Clearly the mother of that Evil Terrrorist Corporate Entity should have been obliged by the state to abort before engaging in the evil that they did...

Why do Leftist Liberals like the White House think that the discussion was in any way about race?

Could it be that they have some sort of unresolved Racial Issues?

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