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More Reasons We Must Win In Those Other Places....

Currently the turkish courts are again talking about banning religious parties:
Turkey’s highest court said Monday that it had decided to hear a case on shutting down the governing party and banning its political leaders, moving the country closer to a final confrontation between religious and secular Turks about who will rule the nation.
The case, filed this month by Turkey’s top prosecutor, calls for banning the party on the grounds that it has steered Turkey, whose citizens are mostly Muslim, away from its constitutionally mandated secularism. The standoff is part of a broader struggle between the party, whose members are observant Muslims, and the secular elite, which includes the military and judicial systems.

The party has largely defended Turkey’s secular system of government, but the indictment accuses it of trying to impose Islam.

[ cf Turkey Court Takes Politically Explosive Case ]
SHOCKING, Just Shocking!!!

Why it were as if the US Supreme's would rule on the Divine Rights of the Unitary Executive to Execute on the Divine Will and has been Divinely Foretold Biblically Literally!!!

Yeah, Uh, RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They NOT like God Haters in Turkey who want a secular society....
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