drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Them Headlines are Complicated Like That

When I saw Bomb Mars Show of Force in Basra, I thought they meant:
Bomb Mars!!! ( the planet )
Show of Force in Basra
which would have gone well with todays theme of post surrealism in the time of protecting the Unborn Baby Unicorn. I mean the Prez, was All Hip Hop about going to Mars, and, well, by bombing it, well, we clearly would show those Venezuelans that we were not going to stand for any of their shilly shallying around about basra.

When what they were trying to point out is that there was a counter attack on the recent show of force in basra. Which provides a clear and compelling argument for Liberating Columbia and other places where the drugs are far better than the ones we are facing in Iraq.

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