drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Great Britain Falls to Space Alien Occupation!!!

Holy Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucer pOf Phear!!!!
The British military admitted Thursday that it breached the human rights of an Iraqi man who died in custody, and that its soldiers also violated the rights of eight other detained Iraqis.

The Ministry of Defense said it expects to negotiate compensation for the survivors of the dead man, Baha Mousa, and with the eight former detainees.

[ cf UK military admits Iraqis tortured ]

Why, that's like suggesting that torturing folks is not a good thing.

Where do these radical left wing ferrign devil extremists get off???

Now More Than EVER we must win against Britain, that is clearly now an IslamoFascist Front Organization and Fellow Travellor of Demonic Demonism...

Hum.... could it be that the british to not support the american belief that when the president does it, blow job or not, that this is the Divine Will Of GOD!!!
Tags: torture, war, war_crimes

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