drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Mashups I Soooo Want To See...

John Yoo's Face over Steve Martin in The Jerk when he was so excited about the fone books showing up, but this time the voice over would
The Torture Memo Is Here
I know that would make us all feel more Hip AND Cooler about american support for torture.

You know the fun part here is that we will be able to make these jokes for years, because, well, what really is the chance that any of those involved in providing the criminal context will get sucked into, oh, I don't know, Judgement at Nuremberg that fun filled laugh right sixties comedy about how sometimes the legal profession just needs to go along to get along. And, ok, so some people get recycled, but do we really want to be such a stickler about the legal stuff and who gets tortured....

Ah yes, america, where they understand the value of americanism.

No Matter WHAT it becomes.

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