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Excuse Me if I GET CRANKY!!

I am learning to interoperate with a Medical Officer, nice guy, reasonable sort, but...

He was sorta amused that I not only read the side effects and contra-indications, but also am willing to allow those side effects to go for a bit, before calling up his office to ask which additional commentary was the MOD ( Medical Officer on Duty ) suppose to be involved with.

For those of you without a deep commitment to the G.I. Tract, bail out now.

Seems that most americans can not differenciate diahrhea into grades like, "dehli belly", "mombasa movers", and the ever, and my all time pathetically patriotically corrector, and lamer, "George Washington's Revenge". Hey, how was I suppose to know that most americans would have hit the panic button sooner... YOU PEOPLE ARE FALLING DOWN on the Culturation Job Here Folks.

Anyway - we start a new broad spectrum anti-biotic, and figure out how to redose the 2mg Nicotine gums. Did you know, that in the state of California, you can not return un-opened cartons of tobacco to the vendor for a refund... What A Freak Gigglelr...

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