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Things Are Tough All Over....

Now that Sen. John McCain has secured the Republican presidential nomination, attention is turning to a critical subject: fundraising. The GOP nominee lags far behind both Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Latest reports show McCain with $7.9 million cash on hand. In comparison, Clinton has $33.1 million, and Obama has $38.8 million. In order to win, McCain needs votes in November, but the path to building those votes requires money. The question is, "Where will the money come from?"
[ if you want to know more The Daunting Task Of Raising Money ]
with the comical moment that they are pimping HanoiAnnie Coulter....

You remember her, the 'what she says is what she means' girl, whom, if we believe what she said, is currently campaigning for Hitlary Klinton and the RadFemiSurfNazi's... Or is that maybe a part of where the credibility problem about restoring the dignity to the white house has lead to some fund raising problems here...

I mean what exactly are the radical left wing extremist dope smoking hippie dippie anti-war draft dodging kultists who are not willing to back the president to back the troops doing here??? ARE WE REALLY SUPPOSE TO BELIEVE THESE RINO!!! I mean, they can not be serious about not support the President - you know, in a time of WarPresidenting...

Can Americans really be planning to abandon our troops by abandoning their WarPresident????

What if a part of the wonder here were that the folks who were trying to Pimp The RINO in Chief as the next president were suddenly to have to REALLY address the actual economic issues going on in america - and that we can no longer afford to pay for such frivolities as ThatIraqiThingiePooh so that the Draft Dodgers would feel all safe about the fact that we were offering others to die in the Crusades while they stayed home and watched Pat Robertson back Al Gore, and Rush Limbaugh try to remember which was his most ProWarWheenieNeff....

Gosh kiddies, what if the GOP had to actually become the party of real fiscally sound policies, Real Federalism, and Real National Security Issues, and not merely the whole fiasco of "Dubya and Silent Dick Strike Back"???
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