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Trial By Majikal Tribunal???

Hey kids, remind me again why this case needs to be prosecuted under the Special Majikal Laws Act?
The military has charged Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani with murder and terrorism in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam that killed 11 people and injured hundreds.

In announcing the nine charges, Brigadier General Thomas Hartman said the suspect helped with many aspects of the suicide attack.

[ cf Pentagon Files Charges in 1998 US Embassy Bombing ]
Who can forget how difficult it was when the Majikal Shoe Bomber, who was held incommunicado was finally handed over to the mere mortal court system.....

I mean, I don't want to suggest that we should merely allow the Mere Mortal Laws to take precedence over the Majikal Powers Act.... But one has to wonder whether this new effort to find a better excuse for why GitMo is needed, with all of it's Majikal Powers, to protect us from those who have violated The Majikal Powers Act!!!

Yes, Yes, Yes.

There are those who will notice that the same was once said about the
Making Iraq The New Majikal Kingdon
and that the Original Intention of the founding father's to merely restore the Iraqi Wetlands said nothing about making it a Majikal Kingdom...

So yes, they seem to be similar arguments.

But this is Different!!!

They have a mere mortal General invoking the need for the Majikal Powers Act!!! which is clearly NOT a good omen, and may proved that the only evidence that they really have was caste out of mordor....

So why not first resolve if the Alledged actually HAS majikal powers? Then we can resolve if this is truly the sort of case that can ONLY be resolved by the Majikal Canons....
Tags: law, war, war_crimes

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