drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who is Pixar, and why would anyone want to work there?

I just got one of those stock pieces from the perl jobs mailing list, and giggled.

Since, well, I really have to single up the tracks in my brain, as it is not safe to peek at the Google News Gigglers, Komrade Party Leader Rice wants $75 Million to support opposition groups in Iran, gosh, just like Bill Clinton wanted the Reform Iraq Bill, so we could pay billions to bogus Iraqi Freedom Fighters, and then fumble the process. While meanwhile there is the on going comedy about how Spying Is Your Friend, since, well, this is not like the old dark days of the Cold War Era, when they only had nuclear weapons with a less than 30 Minute Time To Target Launch Envelope, hence now more than Ever Everyone Should Want to Go Quayle Hunting With Dick...

I mean wouldn't that be a far better movie than say "toy story", or "It is a Bug's Life."

Yeah, that's what I Really want to do, I WANT to work on, "It is a Patriotically Correct Bug's Life as we Crush the Forces of Darkness and EVIL!!!"

Ok, so
maybe this not the week to give up sniffing glue...
- Airplane

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