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Finally!!! Someone Is GOING to do something about the Evil Liberal Regime In DC!!!

I was ever pleased to note:
Today’s bloggers briefing was right down the hall from DAG's new offices at ATR. David already blogged about some of Grover Norquist's remarks, but I'm going to add some more fodder to the blogosphere, because Grover talked at length about his new book Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives, and what he had to say was top-notch.
[ cf Leave Us Alone - Grover Norquist at the Bloggers Briefing ]
Yes, finally...

Uh, Grover Norquist, yes, the Jack Abramoff boy-pal, and yes, the same guy who married the head of Islamic Free Market Institute, to become the boy toy of Kuwait, which may mean he will once again have to register as a foreign agent....

Remember when he was a foreign agent of Angola???

Oh well, yes...

FINALLY he has decided to write the sort of kiss and tell all story about how america must turn away from the radical left wing extremism that has been the haul mark of the Radical Left Wingers who have been running the government for the last few years...


Ok, so I FEEL for my evil liberal fellow travellor friends. Who, once again, are all asking themselves the same question:
Hey? Why can't I get a Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Spaceman Helmet.
The One with the Zel Miller Lazer Death Ray Goggles!!!
And the Real Working Battle Lantern!!!

So that I too can curl up under the covers and read this hot new book, with my super duper extra special imaginary invisile secret decoder ring?
Hey, get over it!!!

Just because the Unborn Unicorn doesn't like you doesn't change the nature of the gooder folks!!!!

Just because you missed out on all of the extra super special majikal fun from Tom "No Retreat, No Surrender" DeLay's Battle Hardened Nail Biting Tails Of Terror And Treachery!!!

I mean who can forget how he single handedly faught the Evil Mihn, the Merciless, Master Of Demonic Vietnamese Space Alien Attack Star Ship!!! With his trusty Laser Blaster and His SUPER Special Laser Cutlass!!! None of that wimpy, wimpy, little boys laster sword, this was a RealMan's Real Space Laser Cutlass!!!!

So you EVIL LIBERALS are just not going to be able learn all of the True Truthier TRUTHS!!! that only Grover Norquist: True Space Ranger of The Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Space RangerCorp can tell folks, but only with the really important, and only for the cool kids, Special Shiney Parts!!!!

Remember Boys and Frogs:
Shiney IS as Shiney Does
Which is why we Have RoboBushCheney!!!

They Shiney!!!

And we get to know the more truthier Truths!!!

Remember, if you are NOT VOTING RoboBushCheney!!!!

You are on the side of the Evil Liberals who are destroying our white christian america!!!!

{ ok, truth be told, I am so depressed, that they did not get a copy of the book with a free box of crayons. But I am soooo learning to cope with the stress of these hard economic tymes. }
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