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Now, granted, yes, when our troops accidentally dump you off into an information extraction facility, there are some that think that this should be like an american legal thingie.

But really now. In america? I mean we have no respect for american law here, why worry about any legal precedence from any other contextual framework....
Two Americans who are being held by the military in Iraq want U.S. courts to keep them from being transferred to Iraqi custody, another Supreme Court case that tests executive authority in wartime.

The Bush administration is telling the justices that U.S. courts are powerless to intervene in the cases of Mohammad Munaf and Shawqi Omar because they are being held by international forces, not the U.S. military. The court is hearing arguments in the cases Tuesday.
The AP has been fighting the detention of photographer Bilal Hussein, who has been held by the U.S. military without charges for nearly two years. He waited 20 months before his first hearing in an Iraqi court.

[ cf Americans Held in Iraq Get Day in Court ( emphasis mine) ]
I mean, gosh, golly, Gee WillaKurds!!!

It's those INTERNATIONAL military forces who have been in iraq doing those International Thingies. Which is why those folks should be appealing to the WORLD COURT, where there is wordliness and court stuff!!!

For our slower readers, when did Iraq become an actual sovereign nation? Would this be a bad time to talk about the evil legal ramifications of being 'the occupying force' under 'the laws of land warfare' - you know that stuff which is the basis for the UCMJ code of stuff about the lawfulneff of law stuff in a time when military folks is doing that military stuff....

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!

They Shiney!!!

Which is why all True Americans ARE voting RoboBushCheney!!!

Anything Less and the evil liberals make law lawful in america!!!
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