drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Supreme's Help Americans into the BadLands...

By 6 to 3, the court ruled that the president went too far in 2005, when he decreed that the states had to abide by a 2004 decision by the World Court. That decision found that several dozen Mexican citizens who had been sentenced to death in the United States had not been given the assistance from Mexican diplomats that they were entitled to receive under an international treaty.
[ cf Justices Rule Against Bush on Death Penalty Case ]
But be reasonable folks....

It is not like we were upholding the american laws about the Geneva Conventions in the first place.

So why should we care that much about what any of the other non-nuclear armed nations feel about how Jesus Loves US???

I mean, we have RoboBushCheney!!!!

They Shiney!!!!

They Don't Need No Stinking International Legal System!!!!

Remember Boys and Girls, If you are Not Voting RoboBushCheney, then YOU are A luddite!!!

And You make the Baby Jesus CRY!!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, war_crimes

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