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And This Is A Problem How???

Ok, so some times things are complicated like that, you know.
U.S. officials said today that non-nuclear parts for an intercontinental ballistic missile were mistakenly shipped to Taiwan in 2006 and that an investigation had been started.

Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne said at a Pentagon news conference that the items sent to Taiwan were four electrical fuses for nose cone assemblies for ICBMs. Wynne said the fuses have been returned and are at a U.S. base.

[ cf U.S. mistakenly ships missile parts to Taiwan ]
I mean come on folks.

These are merely the detonators, a very complex triggering mechanism, that involves very complex issues, and is on the export exclusion list.

It is not like these are Aluminium Tubes, like beer cans, which are a clear and compelling reason to restore the wetlands in some countries.

There can be no better reason that all true Americans MUST back RoboBushCheney!!!!

Because They Are Shiney!!!!

Anything less and the Evil Liberal Media Drags us back into a Reality Based Community...
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