drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ok, so why no Social Heisenbergism??

I mean, there is Social Darwinism, what do people have against a nice german boy like Werner????

I mean I was having a lovely chat with Uncle BillBill, and he was of course working the whole basic genetic side of the issue, which we will be addressing, in depth, and over time, but I thought I would start here...

It is bad enough we live in an era of i believe this is what the kids would call an "epic fail". I mean, hey, why not allow 'intelligent design' - and then we can get on to 'intelligent numerology' and the rest of the fun of those who are so willing to oppose science in the name of ideology.... and then get a Nixonite Script Writer to pimp the project.... DUDE, DO NOT BOGART!!!! { and no, I really do not need to know what kids these day call it.... that is merely because they have no respect for traditional family values. PERIOD. Expelled as If... }

So why not address that fun filled happy space where indetermenancy is really cooler than cool???

Especially since we are living in a culture that has so clearly left the big bus and gone wandering off to see what they can find amongst the shiney things on the side of the road....

At least trying to build a social theory around Heisenberg would make at LEAST as much sense as trying to Mash Up Spencer's "Survival of the fitist" doctrines based upon transplanting Darwin. But yeah, for the kids who actually did their homework, that is the big laugh in the americas, where the americans so bought into Social Darwinism, they are afraid to be honest about their position on it...

So Come On Kids, Social Heisenbergism could be the next hotist hippest thingie pooh.

I mean we all know why the COMMUNISTS INFILTRATORS brought us Horton Hears A Who as a part of the RED COMMIE PLOT!!! I MEAN HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS.....

yes boys and girls, what the Pinko's FORGOT to mention is that if you could hear the WHO'S, you had some notion of their momentum, but would not be able to localize them with any certainty. BUT if you could localize them with any sense of certainty, which is what the CommieRatBastards always want, then you do not know in which direction they are going with their destruction of Godless UnAmericanism.

Thus clearly, and compellingly demonstrating that Social Heisenbergism is the Next Hot Wavering Of Weasel!!!

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