drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Time to Just Move ON!

I think that everyone supports the president, that clearly it is time to just move on!

Yes, Dick Chaney got the word out that, yes, Congress Authorized the Administration to Wack Anyone, Anywhere, For Any Reason! It is time that the Evil Liberals just accept that and Move On!

It's not about Authoritarianism! It is about Protecting the Tax Cuts! In a Time of transferring the tax liability onto the Unborn! ( Ok, current that includes the Unborn Tax Payer's Unborn Tax Payer Perkins as well.... )

People Just have to accept that it is in their Best Interest! They Need to understand that some times one has to irradicate the infected parts of the Body Politic, so that the remnants of the Body Politic can live a wholesome and healthy life! I mean we exterminate insects, and rats, and other things that carry biological plagues - irradicating the carriers of anti-americanism is just the same commitment to the Highest In Health Standards for the Body Politic!

be seeing you!

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