drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why we may just have to intern the evil liberals.

For those not following the whole Obama/Oreo crisis as referenced by "mr. gandhi, what do you think of the liberal media?" "i think it would be a good idea." maybe it is time to step back and try to understand what is actually going on before we digress.

Here we have some valiant Marketting Person, or a Google Ad Placement Algo, that has opted to market Oreo's while Obama is having an alledged political kvetching.

This is clearly great marketting, just as all manifestation of Google Ad Placement Algo's understand that the correct insertion of a viral marketting moment means that the evil left wingers will spread it around to all of their friends. Thus enhancing the value of the initial ad placement.

IF, as some suspect, this was done by a human, then this a great paycheck for someone who understands the importance appropriate Product Placement.

IF, as some of US suspect, the Obama People fail to have the Economic Understanding to KNOW that they could make some Big Bank pimping their man with the appropriate Product Placement Deal, then clearly we have to wonder if Obama has the right team to be able to advance the cause of global freedom through total victory by the FreeMarketeers!!!

{ everyone does conceded that it was the FreeMarketeers who won the cold war, and those, well, welfare queens in the US Military and the other forms of government handout takers should be lucky that the Great Ones, like Enron, were around to keep paying to keep their lazy asses off the street. But let us defer a kevetching about how it is SOOO time to privatize army.com and take it jack booted money grubbing welfareIsms off the necks of God Fearing Tax Payers who do not need to be subsidising what the Free Market Will Provide!!! }

So let us ask ourselves what is the real problem here?

That there are folks who still consider 'oreo' to be a dangerous racialist term??? I mean, hello boys and girls, try to remember that Liberace's classic quote, after being picked on for being a pansy piano player, was that he was "crying all the way to the bank". It was NOT 'laughing all the way to the bank' that the post literate kultur has been abusing, since the later lacks any sense of Irony!!!!

So why not make the deal to have Political Speaches subsidised by folks who want to do product placements?

Do americans really want to retreat to the dark days before 911 when americans use to think that majikally some how politics was suppose to be above the Glories of Serving the True Victors of the Coldwar???

Do americans want to retreat to those dark times? or are they willing to step forward into the bright light of the New Day In AMERICA that only BushCheney2008 can offer them....

Oh yes, and better product placement during political season.

So if the evil liberals are soooo dissing the Great Glories of the FreeMarkettering, and failing to support better living through better product placement, then clearly they are ALL on the side of the
Persian Pedal Powered Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear
and therefore suffer as both TraitorousTreasonersToTruthiNeff, as well as being totally unable to understand the new cool, and how the new Pink will be what ever those in Information Retrieval SAY it will be.

Anything LESS and the Terrorists WIN!!!!
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