drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why liberals suck.

I mean you ask them for just a little help and they get all whiney and snivelly.

As most of you know, I am a traditionalist, and therefore inclinded to do what is on the back of the 'tin' and all of that. So I rang up dr_strych9 to ask him for a small technical support. I mean I can't remember all of the Hip PsychoBabble that is trendier than thou in these great days of 12-step programs. Worse yet, I can't recall whether the Deranged Psycho Former Military Person Giving Up Tobacco Products, is suppose to climb up the Tower and Launch Thunder Bolts, Call In Dragons to burn them out, or are we suppose to Curse Them All and unleash a wave of Frogs Fallling from the Sky....

I mean, Geez, it is such a little thing, I mean why can't Freaking Evil Liberals KEEP these Minor Technical Details Straight!!! Shouldn't there by like a Web Site or something. You Know the "So you just noticed that psychotics are the leading users of nicotine products, and you want to go out in a more traditional and main stream brief psychotic episode that will be a fitting manifestation of the Zeitgeist without actually undermining your own persona weltanschaung." BUT NOOOOO!

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